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iMRS prime Accessories

iMRS prime Power Supply

  • Power Plug Input: 100V-240V~ / 50Hz-60Hz / 2.0-1.0A
  • 24V / 6,67A / 160W max.
imrs prime power supply

Exagon Sense

  • Bifunctional photoplethysmografy sensor, medical-grade.
  • Designed to detect blood volume changes in the microvascular bed of tissue.
  • SpO2 and HRV evaluation.
  • Dynamic intensity adjustment during a PEMF application.
  • Medical-Grade Click-Plug.
exagon sense

Exagon Brain

  • Newly designed Goggles with 12 built-in LEDS on each side. Housing is completely darkened for optimal performance, incl. 2 separately delivered earphones, perfectly shaped for a pleasant experience.
  • Photic, chromatic and audible BrainWave Entrainment combined in one single system.
  • Elastic band for easy adjustment.
  • USB–Plug.
exagon brain