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Top 10 Reasons to join Swiss Bionic Solutions as a Lifestyle Consultant!

1. Vast Experience!

Swiss Bionic Solutions, based in Switzerland has almost 20 years of market presence and experience and is the global market leader, trendsetter and pioneer of PEMF systems for home use!

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2. Privately Owned!

Swiss Bionic Solutions is to date 100% privately owned and managed by one of the world`s leading expert in PEMF, Wolfgang Jaksch. Together with his global task force and his high-level contacts to suppliers, manufacturers and engineers, Swiss Bionic Solutions has the best and most reliable resources on demand to guarantee state of the art technology combined with safe, legal and efficient usage!

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3. Financially independent!

The core of the corporate philosophy of Swiss Bionic Solutions is based on a healthy, financial basis. From the origin of the company to date Swiss Bionic Solutions works 100% independent of bank loans or foreign investors. All investments and operational costs are solely funded with own capital resources and corporate liquidity!

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4. Established and World-Renowned products!

The iMRS and Omnium1 product families from Swiss Bionic Solutions are the longest established PEMF systems for home use in the entire global market. Since 1996 the company is not only distributing but also constantly further developing and improving their products and setting the trends and benchmarks in the industry!

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5. In house Resources!

Swiss Bionic Solutions is able of committing recourse to it`s own research and development department utilizing world-recognized German and Swiss engineering to create and supply incomparable and second to none PEMF products for home use!

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6. Unique Product Range!

Swiss Bionic Solutions is the only PEMF company in the world providing two different and at the same time unbeatable product concepts for simple, efficient, safe and legal use of PEMF home systems featuring iMRS and Omnium1!

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7. Unparalleled Business Opportunities!

Swiss Bionic Solutions is the only PEMF company in the world offering TWO different business opportunities for each product family: MDM Business Plan for the iMRS and 7CR Business Plan for the Omnium1. Both business opportunities can even be combined and are globally equal; it allows almost unrestricted cross-country business development for every registered Lifestyle Consultant!

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8. Corporate Country Offices!

Swiss Bionic Solutions solely operates it`s own subsidiaries in the main countries of supply. As of now we maintain corporate branches in Switzerland, Germany, USA, Canada and Asia. We provide excellent national customer service and personal support for our reps and clients!

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9. World-Class Education!

Swiss Bionic Solutions is the global pioneer of establishing PEMF in people`s homes. Our success is mainly based on the high quality of education we provide to our LifeStyle Consultants all over the world. Transparent, comprehensible and sharable education enables to duplicate fast and guarantee success for your personal business!

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10. Unique Philosophy!

As Swiss Bionic Solutions is a family-owned company, core values such as loyalty, responsibility, respect and ministration are deeply rooted in the corporate philosophy and serve as the animating spirit for a mutual and sustainable cooperation!

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